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It was quite a day for the cast and producers of The Originals. When Julie Plec, Michael Narducci, and all your favorite cast members descended upon San Diego, they brought a lot of great details for season 2 with them.

Julie Plec was first up, and after giving us a quick reminder that she could have been one of the people that killed the vampire craze, but instead has helped it to continue to flourish, she dove right into where we will find New Orleans at the start of season 2.

“The vampires have been basically decimated, and those that remain have been exiled from the quarter.” So while the Original family are locked up in the compound ‘grieving’ the loss of baby Hope, the Guerrera werewolves are ruling the roost and terrorizing the vampires whenever they get the chance with their alliance with the witches.

We have all figured out that Esther will be playing a vital role in season 2, and she brought with her a male that addressed her as mother, and that could only be one of two people (fingers crossed for Kol, who we saw in the first look trailer that premiered at the panel hours later). Also of note, while both Mikael and Esther will be wreaking havoc, 5 episodes in, they will still be unaware of each other’s presence in the Quarter.

She went on to talk about Daniel Sharman’s new role on the show, Kaleb, and that he will be romancing Davina when he first arrives to New Orleans. His greater purpose and agenda are a big question mark, but he will definitely be up to something.

The other big question on everyone’s minds revolves around the Other Side and how its collapsing will affect The Originals. Julie made it very clear when asked if it was gone once and for all when she said, “That is final. Without a doubt.” She then went on to describe what discussions went into preparing for that huge change. “It’s now or never. We’re either bringing a mother and a brother back or we’re done.”
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I have added another portrait session “The Originals” cast did at Comic Con to the gallery!

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I have added one portrait of Joseph, Daniel, and Charles for Entertainment Weekly at Comic Con yesterday to the gallery!

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I have added a few photos of the csat at the Nintendo Lounge on the TV Guide Magazine Yacht yesterday at Comic Con to the gallery!

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Thanks to Kieran, I have added photos of the cast at ‘The Originals‘ Signing and Press Line during Comic-Con today to the gallery! More photos will be added tomorrow!

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