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With exactly 11 weeks until the second season premiere of The Originals, TVLine caught up with executive producers Julie Plec and Michael Narducci for the scoop on what the Big Easy has in store for our (anti)heroes.

In addition to being the title of the premiere, the EPs told us “Rebirth” will be a running theme of the CW drama’s sophomore season. Part of that will come from Klaus and Elijah confronting their parents — and, spoiler alert, Narducci told us “it’s not going to be a huge amount of time” before they figure out Mikael and Esther are back with a vengeance.
Ready, set, spoil!

HAYLIJAH | Unfortunately, it sounds like Hayley and Elijah’s relationship will be taking a step back in Season 2. “[Hayley] and Klaus are the only two hybrids in existence now, so Elijah will inevitably wonder, ‘Is there a connection between my brother and Hayley that I could never surpass?’” Narducci explained. “There’s going to be some interesting friction. Ultimately, Elijah is going to have to decide, ‘Do I want to help this girl?’”

KLAUS: THE EARLY YEARS | Season 2, Narducci explained, is “all about confronting the sins of the past. We’re very much defined by our parents, but as we become adults, we begin to choose our own paths. … Klaus is very much a product of his abusive father, and very much a product of his mother.” In going deeper into Klaus’ moral origins, we’ll see “flashbacks to when he was a child,” as well as “right before he became a vampire.” All of this will “examine what his relationship was with his mother, and the sense of betrayal that he felt when she came back from the dead and judged him as an abomination.”

A WITCH’S CONFLICT | Davina’s agenda, Narducci explained, is going to unfold in an interesting way this fall: “She has Mikael under her control, and she wants Klaus to suffer — but she also loves Josh and Marcel, and she knows they’re connected to Klaus. She’s going to have to be smart about what she ultimately decides to do with Mikael.” As for which of Klaus and Elijah’s brothers Esther brought back with her, the EPs are remaining tight-lipped for now.

WHAT’S IN A NAME? | The explanation behind the season premiere’s title, “Rebirth,” is two-fold, according to Plec. Not only is it indicative of the episode’s theme — the loss of Klaus’ baby, the start of his new life, etc. — but it also has a special meaning for the show, itself. “Every title we use, we try to make it a song title from New Orleans or an artist from New Orleans,” Plec said. “Rebirth is one of the best brass bands in New Orleans, and they were in our pilot. We’ve been waiting to use that title for 22 episodes.”

The Originals‘ second season premieres Oct. 6 at 8/7c on The CW.

-Source: TVLine.com

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When “The Originals” returns for Season 2 this fall, one character is finally going to come into her own.

After being controlled by pretty much everyone except herself all last season, Davina got the upper hand at the end of the Season 1 finale by bringing Mikael back from the dead … with a catch. She controls him, not the other way around.

“It’s that old, Marvel/Spiderman saying: ‘With great power comes great responsibility,’” executive producer Michael Narducci tells Zap2it. “With access to the most dangerous weapon, monster, destroyer, ever, people are going to get interested in what she has. People are going to start to come after her and she’s going to decide how she wants to use this great power that she has.”

So what will Davina decide to do with Mikael? “Does she want to send Mikael after Klaus?” Narducci wonders. “If Mikael kills Klaus, all of the vampires Klaus sired will die, including Marcel and Josh, so she can’t really allow that to happen. She’s got to figure out what her next move is. At the same time, everyone wants to know where she is, what she’s up to, because not only does she have Mikael, she has the white oak stake. So everyone will be after her for a while. How she responds to that is going to be a big arc for her character, to grow up and take responsibility for her actions.”

Since Narducci brought up everyone’s favorite character, Josh, we had to push him for more details on what’s coming up for our favorite “gay club kid who came back as a vampire.” And what he told us almost caused us to have a heart attack.

“He dies in the first episode,” Narducci deadpans. “I’m just kidding! We love Josh.”

Understatement of the year. “He is a newly-turned vampire who has a very fresh perspective on, ‘What is this world, why am I here? I can’t go anywhere else, I know who the good guys are, I know who the people I trust are, and I’m going to do whatever I can to help them,’” Narducci says. “He’s going to have some great scenes coming up with Marcel and Davina and Cami and maybe he might even have a romantic interest down the line as well.”

So what is Narducci most excited for fans to see from “The Originals” Season 2? It’s actually something we’ll get to see pretty soon. “Immediately as you asked, the first thing that popped into my mind was that I’m really excited for our fans to see our Comic-Con trailer,” Narducci says. “I think it’s really awesome and it gives you a sense of what the season is going to be about. Now that we’re bringing back Mikael, Esther and one of the brothers (and I won’t say which one), we’re going to play up and explore all of those complicated family connections and I think it’s going to be fun.”

“The Originals” Season 2 premieres Monday, Oct. 6 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

-Source: Zap2It

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After a wildly-successful first season, “The Vampire Diaries” spinoff series “The Originals” is back with a vengeance for Season 2. More specifically, Mama and Papa Original are back with a vengeance against their children.

Zap2it couldn’t wait until the fall to find out how Mikael and Esther (and the mystery son who returned with them as well) will make Klaus and Elijah’s lives a living hell, so we went straight to “The Originals” boss, executive producer Michael Narducci, to get all the scoop we could. And lucky for us (and you!), he was feeling generous with dishing all about the upcoming season. Check out our full Q&A with Narducci below:

Zap2it: When you first approached mapping out Season 2, what was your main goal?
Michael Narducci: There was all this conflict on the show in the first season between the vampires, the witches, the werewolves, and we really wanted to personalize the conflict in Season 2 by introducing some enemies that weren’t just random bad guys. They are, in some ways, the existential villain of Klaus and Elijah’s lives: The abusive father, Mikael, and the manipulative, dangerous mother, Esther.

How is Mikael and Esther’s return going to affect Klaus and Elijah?
By showing our characters in conflict with their mother and father, we really get to explore the past and present, who they are, why they are the way they are, what made Klaus change from a sweet little boy we saw in flashbacks to the person he is today? And it’s not just because of his abusive father, but also his mother had a hand in who he became. So we really get to unpack the origin story of our Original Mikaelson family, and that’s something we really wanted to do.

You had a hit show from your very first episode, but is there anything you learned during Season 1 that you’re going to implement in Season 2?
Wow, that is a really good question. I think Season 1 accomplished a lot of things that we really wanted to do. We started off with the premise of Hayley being pregnant, Klaus wanting to take over New Orleans, and a lot of mysteries like what was the relationship between Klaus and Marcel, Marcel and Davina, and what I learned was as much fun as it is to tell stories in the present, I really like to delve into who these characters were in flashbacks. So I really would love to do a Marcel flashback to 1930s, 1940s New Orleans. I really want to see Hayley’s story of when she activated her werewolf curse. Now those aren’t things we’re planning to do at this moment, but what I’ve learned is that I love to explore where these characters come from and I really do hope we get to do more of that.

I also hope you get a chance to do that, because I know I’d love to see those flashbacks. The flashbacks in general are my favorite part of the show because it gives viewers a chance to feel empathy for villains you’d never expect to feel anything for.
Right! Klaus is the bad guy who killed Aunt Jenna, he’s the monster who drowned Mayor Lockwood, but he’s also something else. I hope that when you get past the supernatural element, the violence, and all that other stuff, what you’re left with is a show about the very complicated human souls that have been through great tragedies and have found bad ways to express themselves, but are still striving to reconnect with humanity. That’s our goal. That’s really what we wanted to write about.

At the end of the Season 1 finale, Rebekah returned to take Klaus and Hayley’s daughter Hope away from New Orleans and to safety. Since the baby was the thing connecting all the characters in Season 1, with her gone in Season 2, is her presence still going to be felt?
Absolutely. The baby represents a major drive for our characters. They know that they have certain enemies, and if they don’t defeat those enemies, then the baby will never be completely free or safe. But there is a world where, if they can clean up New Orleans, and make it safe again, they can bring Hope and Hayley together. And then if Rebekah ever wanted to return, she’d obviously have a connection with the baby so she could at some point. So we definitely will refer to and see that baby again.

Let’s talk about Hayley, because she went through quite a lot in the Season 1 finale, giving birth to Hope, saying goodbye to Hope and dying and coming back to life as a hybrid. When we come back in Season 2, how is Hayley going to be handling all this?
Not very well. Hayley is going to go through a very difficult time transitioning. I saw some fan speculation online, like, “Oh, I wonder if Hayley’s transition into being a hybrid is going to be the same story of Elena becoming a vampire,” and of course not. We’re not going to repeat ourselves.

So what can you tell me about Hayley’s transition into a hybrid?
I think that Hayley is going to go through the world’s worst post-partum depression. Not only has she lost her child, she also died and came back as a hybrid. By dying and coming back as a hybrid, she completely severed her connection to her werewolf pack. They will now look at her as just another vampire. So whereas she could have been a queen, now she’s just the enemy. What’s that going to do to her? If you had a connection to your family and then they disowned you, what would that do to you? That’s one of the things we wanted to explore with her as she’s trying to find a new identity. I think she’s going to have a really interesting journey.

“The Originals” Season 2 premieres Monday, Oct. 6 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

-Source: Zap2it

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Wake us up when it’s September.

In today’s Spoiler Chat, we’ve got scoop on a whole bunch of premieres, including Scandal’s shocking exit, and the trouble ahead for a fan favorite pairing on The Originals. Plus, we’ve got spoilers on Sons of Anarchy’s final ride and the possibility for romance for Supernatural’s brothers in Season 10.

Taylor: Give me some scoop on my favorite couple on TV: Hayley and Elijah on The Originals!
Come on, is there really time for romance in NoLA?! “Elijah should be nervous about a lot of things. Elijah is going to go through some s–t this year at the beginning of the season,” Julie Plec told us. “It’s not going to be all puppy dogs and rainbows for him at all.” And one thing he’ll definitely have to worry about? Hayley “reconnecting” with Jackson, as Nathan Parsons “will make his return about six episodes in.”

-Source: EOnline.com

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Once a Mikaelson, always a Mikaelson.

Nathaniel Buzolic has popped up on some of our favorite shows — The Vampire Diaries, Pretty Little Liars, and Supernatural — but his role as Kol Mikaelson on TVD is especially close to our hearts. And, apparently, his. When asked by Australian styling agency Oliver Grand whom are the favorite people he’s worked with, Nate named Joseph Morgan (Klaus) and Daniel Gillies (Elijah), which kind of made our hearts melt.

“I’d have to say I’ve really enjoyed working with Joseph Morgan and Daniel Gillies who play my brothers in The Vampire Diaries and now star in The Originals,” Nate said. “Both are extremely talented actors with very different approaches to the work, but each has this ability to bring the words on the page to life.” Aww. Can we please get Nate on The Originals? We don’t want to rush the The Originals’ Powers That Be master plan or anything, but if they could slip Kol somewhere in there, that would be great.

Is there a chance that Nate might appear on a future episode of The Originals? He kept his mouth sealed about upcoming projects, saying: “There are a few opportunities that are in the pipeline, but sadly I can’t give anything away at this stage. All I can share is that I am back on the audition circuit trying to find the next story that I can be a part of.” Audition circuit doesn’t sound too promising when it comes to The Originals, but we are eager to see Nate in other roles, too.
We hope he finds something great even if we have to let Kol Mikaelson go for a bit.

-Source: WetPaint

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Thanks to my friend Kieran, I have added high quality photos of Charles, Leah, and Danielle attending the CW, CBS, & Showtime TCA Party yesterday to the gallery!

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The Originals are heading from TV to book form.

Publisher Harlequin has signed a deal to publish three books based on the CW show, Media Bistro reports.

The books will be released in February, April and June 2015, to coincide with the second season of the show, which follows a vampire family over hundreds of years. They will be written by Josh Bank and Hayley Wagreich and consist of entirely new stories about the vampire characters.

The Originals is a spin-off of the popular CW show The Vampire Diaries, which is itself based on a book series of the same name by L.J. Smith. The second season of The Originals will premiere this fall.

-Source: USA Today

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The Originals is nominated for an Emmy Award in the category “Outstanding Hairstyling For A Single-Camera Series.” Congrats to the cast and crew!

Outstanding Hairstyling For A Multi-Camera Series Or Special

The Originals • Dance Back From The Grave • CW • Bonanza Productions Inc., My So-Called Company and Alloy Entertainment in association with Warner Bros. Television and CBS Television Studios
Colleen Labaff, Department Head Hairstylist Kimberley Spiteri, Co-Department Head Hairstylist

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The cast of The Originals will be attending this year’s San Diego Comic-Con! The Originals panel will be happening at 4:15 pm on Friday, July 25th!

4:15 pm The Originals (The CW) | Executive producer Julie Plec, co-executive producer Michael Narducci and series stars Joseph Morgan, Daniel Gillies, Phoebe Tonkin, Charles Michael Davis, Leah Pipes and Danielle Campbell. (Ballroom 20)


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